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Welcome to Sex. Love. Literature., a podcast relishing the romantic, the sexy, and the scandalous in pop-culture. English PhD candidates by day and podcasters by night, hosts Ayanni and Corinne take a semi-scholarly look at why the “sex-stuff” in media matters in the bedroom—and beyond.
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Corinne here! I’m a PhD Candidate of English at the University of Florida, where I specialize in children’s and young adult literature. My research focuses on consent in YA speculative fiction—both as it relates to sex and more broadly.

My current pop culture obsessions include all things on the CW and an extensive, rotating list of KDramas, currently topped by Crash Landing on You and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. I’m always on the hunt for my next KDrama binge, so recs are welcome!

My other (pandemic) hobby is taking pictures of the gators down here in the swamp, so if you want to follow my #semidailygator series, check out my personal insta account~~

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Hey Y’all! Like Corinne, I’m a PhD Candidate in English at UFlorida, where I focus on Comics and Animation. My academic interests are kinda all over, but my recent research has been on monsters and desire. To put it eloquently, I wanna know why folks are horny for monsters. It’s a very important research question, obvi 🧐.

When I’m not dissertationing, I like to play Destiny with my fam (#TitanMain), read comics, and make friends with the neighborhood cats.

I also love anime and manga, so trying to get Corinne to talk about one in the podcast is my not so secret goal. Let me know if there’s one you’d recommend!

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